Stained brickwork and damaged guttering

Signs of a Blocked Gutter

One of the questions we get asked a lot is “how do I even know if my gutters are blocked?”. This is a fair question – while all gutters will get blocked over time with anything from leaves to pine needles to fully grown plants (see our gallery section for examples!) – every house will be different.

Our high-level cleaning system is equipped with a wireless camera and monitoring system that we use to show you the blockages in your guttering and show you the difference when the work is complete. If you are wondering though, there are a couple of tell tale signs that will hep you identify when the gutters are blocked.

The first is the most obvious – leaking water. When gutters and downpipes become blocked, rainwater still needs to find a route down from the roof so keep an eye out for any leaks from your guttering when it rains – especially at the junction points where the guttering joins with a downpipe.

The second way you can always spot a blocked gutter is to have a good look at the building in dry weather. Over time, running water from blocked gutters will stain brickwork and building outsides… if the brickwork around your guttering looks stained during dry weather then again – its a good sign that something isn’t quite right…

With the winter fast approaching, now is the perfect time to talk to us about your blocked gutters, get in touch to request a free no-obligation quote today!

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