Why Gutter Cleaning Matters

Its probably fair to say that most of us don't really think about the gutters on our house until they spring a leak. Your gutter however is an integral part of the structure of your house - quietly carrying out their jobs every time it rains; removing excess water quickly and efficiently away.

However over time, these gutters get blocked up by all manner of debris - from leaves and pine needles, up to fully grown plants and birds nests - and over time these blockages can damage your guttering and reduce the effectiveness of their job. The resulting leaks can damage the structure of your home and even cause health issues for the residents inside by causing patches of residual damp.

At Stewarts Specialist Cleaning, we offer high-level gutter cleaning to our customers to keep guttering clean and free of blockages to prevent damage to your property.

At Stewarts Specialist Cleaning we believe in investing in the best equipment on the market. For gutter cleaning this means we turn to the SpaceVac system. Manufactured here in Northampton, the SpaceVac system allows us to clean at height - up to 15 metres - from the ground floor which means we can complete cleans on domestic or commercial properties without the need for scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers.

Using the SpaceVac system, we are able to remove all gutter blockages, including leaves, pine needles, dirt and plants leaving your guttering unblocked and ready to do its job! Additionally we have a range of special brushes, heads and attachments which enable us to clean downpipes etc as well as the ‘box guttering’ found on many commercial properties.

Further our cleaning system also comes equipped with a wireless camera and monitoring system to enable us to see whats happening as we clean before giving peace of mind to our customers that the job has been completed.

Our aim with every clean we provide, is to deliver the same high standard of services for both our commercial and domestic customers.


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